pdf   How the Great Firewall of China Detects and Blocks Fully Encrypted Traffic
Mingshi Wu, GFW Report, Jackson Sippe, Danesh Sivakumar, Jack Burg, Peter Anderson, Xiaokang Wang, Kevin Bock, Amir Houmansadr, Dave Levin, Eric Wustrow
USENIX Security 2023
  pdf     talk   Measuring and Evading Turkmenistan's Internet Censorship
Sadia Nourin, Van Tran, Xi Jiang, Kevin Bock, Nick Feamster, Nguyen Phong Hoang, Dave Levin
The Web Conference 2023


  pdf     talk   GET /out: Automated Discovery of Application-Layer Censorship Evasion Strategies
Michael Harrity, Kevin Bock, Frederick Sell, and Dave Levin
USENIX Security 2022


 slides  Geneva + Tunnelbear: Packet Manipulation Evasion at Scale
Kevin Bock, Jules Mazur
PTIM 2021 (Pluggable Transports Implementers Meeting)
  pdf     talk   Even Censors Have a Backup: Examining China's Double HTTPS Censorship System
Kevin Bock, Gabriel Naval, Kyle Reese, Dave Levin
  pdf    slides    talk    code  www Weaponizing Middleboxes for TCP Reflected Amplification
Kevin Bock, Abdulrahman Alaraj, Yair Fax, Kyle Hurley, Eric Wustrow, Dave Levin
USENIX Security 2021 (Distinguished Paper Award)
  talk   Weaponizing Censorship Infrastructure
Kevin Bock and Dave Levin
RightsCon 2021
  pdf    slides    talk    code  www Your Censor is My Censor: Weaponizing Censorship Infrastructure for Availability Attacks
Kevin Bock, Pranav Bharadwaj, Jasraj Singh, Dave Levin
www   pdf   Applied Network Research Prize
Kevin Bock, George Hughey, Louis-Henri Merino, Tania Arya, Daniel Liscinsky, Regina Pogosian, Dave Levin
IRTF ANRP 2020 (IETF-112)


  pdf     talk    code  Detecting and Evading Censorship-in-Depth: A Case Study of Iran's Protocol Filter
Kevin Bock, Yair Fax, Kyle Reese, Jasraj Singh, Dave Levin
  talk   slides Geneva: Evolving Censorship Evasion
Kevin Bock
OONI Internet Measurement Village 2020
  pdf    code  Come as You Are: Helping Unmodified Clients Bypass Censorship with Server-side Evasion
Kevin Bock, George Hughey, Louis-Henri Merino, Tania Arya, Daniel Liscinsky, Regina Pogosian, Dave Levin
  talk   slides Geneva: An AI Approach to Evading Nation-State Censorship
Kevin Bock & George Hughey
Bluehat IL 2020 (Conference on Groundbreaking Offensive Security Research)


  pdf    code  Geneva: Evolving Censorship Evasion Strategies
Kevin Bock, George Hughey, Xiao Qiang, Dave Levin
ACM CCS 2019 (Conference on Computer and Communications Security)
www Automatically Learning How to Evade Censorship
Dave Levin
USENIX ScAINet 2019 (Security and AI Networking Conference)
slides Learning Nation-State Censorship with Genetic Algorithms
Kevin Bock, George Hughey
AIMS 2019 (Workshop on Active Internet Measurements)